A corebanking specialist

Flexible and highly reliable banking systems are necessary for the banks. Transaction processing speed, on deadline for new products on the market, covering the risks of compliance and the ability to control operating costs are all elements that existing corebanking systems can improve.

Since its inception, our consultants install and parameterize corebanking software based on the business model of the bank and its functional and technical specifications.

MAINSYS has functional and technical experience at the highest level in the field of systems integration, data migration and fusion of information systems.

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Big Data, Business Intelligence and Datawarehouse expertise

Our teams of consultants are implementing complete solutions for banking data warehouse, enabling the monitoring of the activities, objectives and projections using dashboards using software packages such as SAS Web Report Studio.

To respond to the strategy and business model of the bank, hundreds of indicators ensure the control of business activities of the bank, both for the general direction for the agency and responsible for central services (marketing department, control management, …).