Branch banking

FRONTeO Branch banking is a modular front & middle office solution covering all banking services and specifically designed for the needs of the branch network.
The functional coverage includes client management, accounts, loans, payments, insurances, investments, teller management and web contract subscriptions. These modules are designed as reusable components, thus allowing banks to be more productive, reduce their costs and improve the quality of their services.

A wide range of modules

Client management : Customer Information File (CIF) registry, customer relationship functionalities, 360° client view, …
FRONTeO Branch Functional Architecture

Accounts : Current and savings account management, term deposits, statements, history, management of mandates and proxies, …

Payments : SEPA and international (non-EU) payments, standing orders, direct debits, cheques, debit and credit cards, pending transaction management tools, …

Loans : Management of the loan acquisition process for consumer loans, installment loans, mortgage loans, investment credits, commercial loans, term advances, revolving credits and leasing. Including advanced scoring and simulation tools, functionalities for complex loan constructions and credit structures, wizard style-GUI for easy and systematic acquisition management, collateral management, contract management, interrogation of external business information providers such as central credit registers or credit re-insurers.

Cash : Cash deposits, withdrawals, buy/sell Forex, cash journals, cash balances and stock management, teller management …

Investments : Management of portfolio, buy/sell funds and certificates, securities management tools, global portfolio view and transaction history.

 Global View

Web contract subscription : Management of web contracts, accounts, (multi-)signing authorities, authentication and authorizations.

Insurances : View on all insurance products of the client.

Investment advice : Standardization and automation of the complete investment advisory process.

AML : Advanced tools for managing the anti-moneylaundering alerts. Includes a complete AML monitoring solution used by the compliance department of a bank. Based on a scoring model with dynamic thresholds that can be parameterized. Generating alerts on accounts and clients who have an unusual behavior or who exceed preestablished risk levels. Numerous advantages :

  • alerts are fully and automatically managed,
  • the solution facilitates the work of the AML analysts who must assess if there is an anti-money laundering risk or not,
  • besided alerts, also files, documents and client branch contacts are managed,
  • the solution integrates official and custom black-lists.

Marketing campaigns : Integrated management of marketing actions, including the management of client alerts, to do lists,...

Become client : Follow-up and management of the become client requests initiated through the public website.


A modern architecture

FRONTeO is built around a 3-tier technical architecture :

  • A browser : the multi-channel client uses CSS allowing to align the GUI with the look and feel of the financial institution.
  • An application server : This component contains the business logic.
  • A database server : : All front office data are stored in FRONTeO’s database.

 Fronteo Architecture technique

ESB : The Enterprise Service Bus component is responsible for data transformation and transport between the frontend and the backend system(s). The ESB connectivity allows on-line message exchanging and is able to process data in a Straight Trough mode (STP) without any manual intervention.

By installing FRONTeO, a financial institution benefits from numerous advantages: the solution can be connected to any back-office system, is multilingual, modular, SOA based, user friendly, scalable and offers excellent reporting possibilities. Moreover, FRONTeO has been developed using market standards, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).