MAINSYS Group is structured in different entities.

Editing and installation of own banking software (FRONTeO, COCPIT and F2B), as well as the development of tailor-made solutions, is operated by MAINSYS Financial Software which is based in Louvain-la-Neuve.

The integration services and consultancy activities are covered by 4 subsidiaries: MAINSYS Belgium, MAINSYS France, MAINSYS Luxembourg and M6BC in Portugal.

MAINSYS Group delivers support activities (IT & Facilities, HR, Finance, Security & Compliance, Architecture & Innovation) to the different entities.

In terms of governance, MAINSYS Group has opted for a model with a Board of Directors who delegates its management powers to an Executive Committee, with the exception of acts that are legally and statutory reserved for the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors of the group is composed of 10 members. Out of 7 members who represent the shareholders, 6 have an executive function within different executive committees. As recommended by the rules of good governance, the Board also has three independent members, of whom one is the president.
Each entity is managed by its own Management Committee. Under the responsibility of its own Management Committee, each entity is organizing the management of its activities in specific Executive Committees.



At Group level, the Management Committee is made up of the 3 founding partners of MAINSYS and the 3 CEOs of the subsidiaries:

  • Pierre Lemaire (CEO)
  • Jean-Marie Thibaut (CFO)
  • Bernard Clerbois (COO)
  • Jean-Valéry Duvieusart (CEO MAINSYS Belgium & MAINSYS Luxembourg)
  • Pierre Ramaekers (CEO MAINSYS France & M6BC Portugal)
  • Alexandre Degrijse (CEO MAINSYS Financial Software)

The HR activities are under the responsibility of Serge Fonteyn (CHRO).


“For MAINSYS Board members, management does not mean imposing their view, it means combining all the opinions to build together a better solution.” Bernard Clerbois

The subsidiaries of the MAINSYS GROUP


Management Committee
Jean-Valéry Duvieusart (CEO)
Stéphane Léchaudé (Managing Director)
Joel Bernaert (Managing Director)

MAINSYS Financial Software

Management Committee
Alexandre Degrijse (CEO)
Gauthier Storm (CCO)
Cédric Foucart (Managing Director)
Jérôme Collin (Managing Director)

MAINSYS Luxembourg

Management Committee
Jean-Valéry Duvieusart (CEO)
Laurent Deligne (Managing Director)



Management Committee
Pierre Ramaekers (CEO)
Miguel Poirier (Managing Director)



Management Committee
Pierre Ramaekers (CEO)
Nacer El Harouchi (Managing Director)