Our staff is composed of A-class experts, all with extensive financial services experience. We are uniquely positioned to provide a broad array of assistance focused on :

Study & Project Initiation

Starting from a need, we support and work  closely with both  business and IT to elaborate qualitative Project Initiation Documents that describe clearly all different aspects of the needs and their translation into Functional and technical  descriptions, keeping always in mind collateral aspects such as costs, regulatory matters...


As one of the major pillars of a project, we elaborate and commit with the client on a qualitative planning with clear milestones and deliverables on realistic deadlines.

Implementation follow-up

The journey doesn’t end at D-Day. We ensure that open issues and topics are monitored and tackled to make the story a success story.

Ensure relation Business & IT

One of the main criteria of project failures or issues  is coming from weaknesses in the relation between Business and IT, causing inconsistencies between the requirement and the deliverables.
Thanks to our experience capitalization within Mainsys group, we pay a particular attention to ensure that Business needs are correctly understood by IT…and vice-versa.


A clear governance ensures that resources of an organization are used the most efficiently to reach the defined objectives.



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