Digital Banking

To deal with rapidly changing practices, MAINSYS publishes Banking Front-Office omnichannel solutions able to meet the new expectations of users.

With the integration of new channels such as the Mobile and Tablet Banking, the FRONTeO range allows an easy transition from a multichannel to an omnichannel mode through rapid and simplified integration with Back-Offices.

It also provides powerful functions for a complete process dematerialisation such as online subscription: document capture, integrated document management, electronic signature and workflow management.

As a multichannel specialist since the early versions of FRONTeO, MAINSYS has been able to meet the requirements of its customers by providing real time access to information for the branch advisor and the end customer. Optimizing the customer experience becomes a crucial factor and important investments are devoted to the development of ergonomic applications.

Clarity, simplicity and customization are the key words to seduce the end user. The use of the latest Web technologies enables to offer screens that naturally guide the user with visual aids, advice and automation of certain operations such as entering a beneficiary for a transfer.

A new generation of Web Banking

The arrival of new content management tools and digital marketing system (DMS - Digital Marketing System) leads banks to upgrade their online banking site, allowing them now to better know each client and therefore predict and influence their behavior by jointly using the latest capabilities of DMS for business intelligence and big data.

Real-time customization of the data provided on the web pages according to your profile, assets and browsing history is now a reality. This one-to-one personalization based on the user profile and browsing history can also be applied to the corporate website of the bank as well as to the private transactional part (online banking).



The bank branch 2.0 "digital" - A new Investment Advice approach

Customers visit less often their branch, but expect more services when traveling there. The major banking networks are considering the establishment of new branch concepts called "2.0" to incorporate digital services and supports. The tablet gradually appeared in the hands of advisors.

In this context, MANSYS offers innovative tools to get out of the usual relationship.


Discover the analysis on "The digital processing for Banks” from PAC / CXP

For a limited time, MAINSYS offers free download of the analysis of Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) CXP Group on the "The digital processing for Banks”, an innovation lever for traditional and online banks wishing to respond to the challenges, from new uses of their clients.

The study addresses the following issues:

  • What is the degree of progress of banks in terms of digital transformation? In what areas they invest in particular?
  • What are the different strategies developed and what are the results?
  • What are the next steps in the medium term and future trends?
  • What challenges / major challenges they face and how their external technology partners can help them? What are the expectations towards them?

Do not miss the opportunity to access this analysis.



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