Already 10 contracts signed for the implementation of the new COCPIT - CAP2 / PCC2 module



MAINSYS is proud to announce that a new client has signed for the implementation of the new CAP2 / PCC2 module, part of the COCPIT software solution. This brings the total number of CAP2 / PCC2 clients to 10, confirming MAINSYS' position as a market leader in terms of communication and reporting with the different centrals of the National Bank of Belgium (NBB).
One of the major evolutions of CAP2 / PCC2 is the reporting frequency. New accounts, financial contracts and financial transactions involving cash will have to be reported to the NBB within 5 business days, compared to the current CAP1 / PCC1 annual communication. COCPIT's new CAP 2 / PCC2 module fully automates this reporting, not only in terms of communication, but also in terms monitoring and error management, allowing our clients to optimize their operational processes.
As it is the case for all COCPIT modules, MAINSYS guarantees the regulatory follow-up by delivering new releases for any legal and/or technical evolution.
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