Availability of FRONTeO Open Banking, the PSD2 solution



After months of hard work, we are delighted to officially announce the availability of FRONTeO Open Banking, a complete and secure solution for financial institutions participating in the PSD2 ecosystem.

Our goal with this new product is to provide our customers an easy way to be fully compliant with the new European directive in 2019 and respect the calendar.

Amongst the major features, the solution contains:

  • Management of Third Party Providers
  • Management of consents
  • Strong Customer Authentication
  • XS2A APIs
  • Payment initiation APIs
  • Evidence of transactions

The first demonstrations at our customers were a great success and reassured them about our ability to meet deadlines in 2019.

We will be constantly updating the features with the updates of APIs specifications (Berlin Group/STET).

Interested to have more information or a demonstration ? Contact us !

List of consents

 Detail of consent


Account selection by the user and strong authentication