COCPIT - New CAP2 / PCC2 module available !



As a market leader on the field of the communication with credit centrals of the National Bank of Belgium (CKP, CKO, BECRIS & CAP), MAINSYS is currently developing a new version of the COCPIT CAP module (Centraal Aanspreekpunt) addressing the CAP-2 requirements which are much broader in terms of scope and based on a daily process (not yearly anymore). GO LIVE is foreseen 06/2020.

Indeed, following the latest legal evolutions in this area (1), the CAP reporting principles will strongly change. Therefore the CAP module that is part of the COCPIT software solution is currently being redesigned as to propose a new CAP2 module.

Below you'll find the main differences between the current CAP and the future CAP2 :

    • a larger number of institutions will have to report towards CAP2 :
      • credit institutions,
      • brokers,
      • payment institutions,
      • electronic money institutions,
      • persons established in Belgium who professionally execute cash buy and sell operations,
      • [new] Belgian insurance companies and foreign insurance companies that operate in Belgium,
      • [new] companies covered by the Royal Decree N° 55 of 10 November 1967 organizing the legal status of companies practicing leasing
    • more data will have to be reported towards CAP2 : 
      • representatives,
      • certain types of contracts (e.g. life insurances of branch 21/23/25/26),
      • financial transactions involving cash
    • a new reporting mode will be put in place :
  • the current yearly reporting (CAP) will evolve towards an incremental daily reporting (CAP2) with an obligation to report new events within 5 days
  • with CAP2 a totally new way of communication (participant <-> NBB) will be put in place

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