FRONTeO Sign, a new solution for strong customer authentication



MAINSYS announces the launch of FRONTeO Sign, its strong customer authentication solution to meet the new European regulations.

By the end of 2020 all banks must comply with strong customer authentication procedures, i.e. Two Factor Authentication (2FA), for the online banking, PSD2 channels and e-commerce transactions. This evolution should in particular replace the validation system with SMS code, that is considered non-compliant with the PSD2 directive and used for online banking transactions, PSD2 channels and card payments.

FRONTeO Sign can easily integrate an e-commerce 3DSecure v2 flow to carry out the SCA according to the strategy of the banks.

With FRONTeO Sign, banks using the FRONTeO software suite can very easily implement this new strong authentication solution based on a smartphone application, FRONTeO Mobile and a QR code or a notification.

Banks that don’t have FRONTeO, can choose FRONTeO Sign regardless of their existing applications.

Our SCA solution is a natural extension of the FRONTeO suite and is based on MAINSYS' expertise on the field of security of banking transactions and authentication, acquired over many years.

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