MAINSYS merges its various F2B platforms into one single core banking system



New financial players attract customers by using a modern technological architecture, which enables them to innovate faster and operate more efficiently. At the same time, some historical banks are investing heavily in innovation.

In this context, financial institutions are increasingly concerned about the limits and the relatively slow pace of evolution of their systems. Our new generation banking platform, F2B,allows them to completely rethink their information system, with different redesign scenarios.

Expert in banking integration and overhaul for more than 20 years, MAINSYS has developed its own core banking solution to meet the new demands of banks and payment institutions wishing to reduce their operating costs and accelerate the marketing of new products and services and offer their customers a personalized experience.

Partnerships are becoming essential to create the products and services of the future. With F2B and its API-based architecture, banks benefit from an innovative, reliable and open ecosystem facilitating third-party connectivity.

Available in SaaS or on premise, F2B reduces operating costs and, in the case of SaaS, overcomes infrastructure constraints.

The F2B platform includes a complete set of functionalities: account management, payment management, loan management, AML controls, compliance, etc.

It is available in several specialized domains meeting different business needs: F2B Daily Banking, F2B Loans and F2B Guarantees.



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