MAINSYS puts the omnichannel at the service of the automation of entry into customer relationships



A customer experience to reinvent

Today, banks are thinking about quality of service to improve customer satisfaction. Customers have become accustomed to new standards in Internet services driven by the major players in the sector, these digital services offer a faster and simpler customer experience with greater transparency. The expectation is now higher for the standards of customer satisfaction. Banks must enhance a level of client recommendation that is structurally negative.

In this context, the FRONTeO suite provides banks with a tool to facilitate the agile implementation of fluid and simplified customer paths.

For several years, banks have been investing heavily in remote banking and mobile applications to offer more autonomy and ease of use to their customers.

With the arrival of new players and new directives such as DSP2, new challenges are emerging to bring ever more efficient services to customers: electronic signature, automated advice, account opening in a few minutes…

With FRONTeO, choose a base designed for innovation

To avoid the risk of a gap with customer usage, a platform is needed to create simple, fluid and intuitive services and to develop new uses.

Accelerate your digital transformation by offering innovative new services:

  • Immediate opening of accounts with identification of new clients;
  • A completely dematerialized follow-up of documents and procedures for the bank branch and the client.

The "Neo-Bank" approach

In line with the new DSP2 Directive, new entrants, such as payment intermediaries, wish to have basic banking services to add the necessary account-keeping functions for an expanded online banking offer.

The combination of the new FRONTeO account keeping features with the wide array of existing Front-Office modules makes it possible to rapidly build a reliable online banking platform. This front-to-back turnkey solution represents an agile alternative to the complexity of a Core Banking, with a rapid return on investment.

FRONTeO offers an entry into relationship and a complete enrollment process on smartphone or PC:

Enrollment of a new customer on smartphone

Automated processes for entering into relationships

The FRONTeO solution offers a comprehensive approach to KYC[1] and entry into relationships.

With a rigorous follow-up of the procedures for entering into commercial relations and periodic review of clients, FRONTeO strengthens the examination of the accounts and information of all categories of customers.

Complete coverage of the various regulations

FRONTeO is the ideal tool to ensure consistency with the Back Office and compliance with regulatory commitments while reducing the costs of an efficient KYC. Today, the observation made by the banks is alarmist; they believe that their devices are failing or have weaknesses.

The implementation of FRONTeO makes it possible to remedy this vulnerability and proposes a robust system which recovers all the data in order to converge towards the notion of "unique view of the customer".

The implementation of all the processes of acquiring a consolidated view of the client is part of a logic of control.

KYC : control processes at all levels



These processes are able to clearly and unambiguously identify the natural person and / or legal entity involved in a financial flow and establish that the person or entity is not listed on any sanctions or monitoring applicable list.

An agile approach to data and documents

The management of KYC data through a platform such as FRONTeO allows the bank to have a precise, efficient and transparent process of entry that complies with the various regulations.

A global platform for KYC and entry into relationship

With its integrated EDM (Electronic Document Management), FRONTeO brings substantial time savings for Front Office sales staff, who can largely eliminate the processing and updating of legal documents with their customers and prospects and thus focus on generating income while increasing the effectiveness of the Back Office.


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