A new CoCPit module for the communication with the Central Point of Contact of the National Bank of Belgium


The Central Point of Contact (CAP-PCC) is the new national register of the bank accounts and all types of contracts held at financial institutions in Belgium by both resident and non-resident natural or legal persons. By 31 March of each year at the latest, the financial institutions shall communicate data regarding the identity of their clients, the identification of the clients’ bank accounts and the types of contracts that were in force in the previous year. The data will be stored for eight years.

The new CoCPit module allows to automatically drive and manage the entire communication cycle (feeds and rejections) with the CAP-PCC and to validate the data before sending them to the NBB. Embedded screens allow to correct errors directly in the application. Thanks to the high level of flexibility of CoCPit and its open architecture, this new module can be easily installed as well at financial institutions where the application is already running as at new customers.

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