An omnichannel solution for consumer and mortgage loan acquisition

FRONTeO Loans is a web-based software solution managing the loan acquisition process with full omnichannel capabilities. It is a complete loan platform that enables banks and financial institutions to offer the full set of loan functionalities in one single integrated and scalable solution.

The following functions are covered :

  • Simulation and acquisition process for consumer and mortgage loans
  • Omnichannel customer journey: clients and prospects can start the process in a channel, e.g. via the website (FRONTeO E-Banking), and continue in any other channel
  • Full STP process
  • Supporting automated loan decision
  • Real time flow
  • Integrated and smooth communication between client, agent, broker, middle and back office
  • Document management: upload, automated checks, update
  • Notifications allow the customers to follow the acquisition process and the document checks
  • Task management for optimizing middle office efficiency
  • Workflow management with BPM and rules engine (more about FRONTeO Architecture)


Tasks management 

Tasks and notifications management

New document

Customer journey - Document update by the customer

The entire loan acquisition process is covered

Each loan request has a global lifecycle that can be summarized as follows :

  1. Simulation
  2. Encoding request
  3. Scoring
  4. Analysis & Decision
  5. Document generation & signature

Looking to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs ?

Thanks to the integrated workflow, the end-user is intuitively guided through the loan process. The solution can be connected to external scoring engines and has extensive possibilities for automated loan decision, allowing to significantly reduce the loan acquisition duration and to optimize the loan management process.


Automation and checks of documents / customer data

The integrated document management module allows to generate all types of documents and to upload external documents (docx, xlsx, pfg, msg, ...). Combined with the scanning recognition module it is possible to achieve a high degree of automation.

Document Management

Integrated document management

Banks, brokers, agents, distributors or credit institutions that have installed FRONTeO Loans benefit from a large range of advantages: the solution can be connected to any third party system, is multilingual, modular, SOA based, user friendly, 24/7 available and scalable.

Finally, FRONTeO Loans has been developed using market standards, allowing the bank to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

FRONTeO Loans is available in SaaS mode.


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